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Libertarians talk Psychology Posts

Mission “Creep” and the Importance of Small Government (ep. 122)

Mike and Julie discuss the psychological phenomena that impacts all groups and organizations–mission creep or goal substitution. This is an important psychological characteristic of human groups that all Libertarians need to keep in mind. Mission…

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In a Tribal Environment, Can the Libertarian Message Get Traction? (ep. 118)

Both tribes, liberal and conservative, are biased and passionate. In this environment can we get traction for the Libertarian message that includes and transcends both tribes? Julie reviews an article with evidence that both the left and the right are…

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Freedom of Belief and the Movie “Lars and the Real Girl.” (ep. 116)

We discussed the delightful movie, “Lars and the Real Girl,” and its relevance to delusions, freedom of belief, and freedom of thought. We look at how the towns people in the movie fully embrace Lars’s delusion in order to help him, but are not forced…

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